Sunday, March 22, 2009

I got my 10 yr old nephew to alternate panels with me on this 16 panel page I threw together quickly on a 11x17 card stock. I started off and went from there. I found he is a pretty funny, little guy and has a decent grasp of the medium. Some of his panels really made me chuckle. I got the idea from Scott E's strip jam project up in the Community section at

The orange panels are mine and the blue ones his.

Transcript for those having trouble reading text.

Panel 1
Caption:Once upon a time in a castle in Shtoilenburg...

Panel 2
Caption: A king wanted money
Caption 2: But his loyal workers are working hard to find some but he's mad

Panel 3
Caption: So he sent them on a special expedition to Sabyl
Worker 1: We've been traveling for days! Where does the king want us to look?
Worker 2: I don't know. Hey, what are those?

Panel 4
Workers in unison: It's pyramids. Wow!!!

Panel 5

Panel 6

Worker 1 & 2: We're not scared of you
RG: Your not?

Panel 7
Worker 1: Nope, sorry. Just give us your valuables and we'll be on our way.
Worker 2: Hey, Jeff. I think this guy is made of gold!

Panel 8
Worker 2: Let's cut his head off
RG: Please No!
Jeff: No!

Panel 9
RG: But I have kids!
Jeff: Hmm, this presents a problem, but we can't go back empty handed.
Worker 2: Well then?
Kid Robot: Poppa?

Panel 10
Jeff: Aha

Panel 11
Worker 2: RUN!

Panel 12
RG: Fine here goes nothing
Kid Robot 2: AAA!

Panel 13
Jeff: Hey, look! He took off his head and it looks like he's not a robot after all!

Panel 14
Unmasked Robot: here you go!!!

Panel 15

Worker 2: Hey, it's actually IRONMAN director, Jon Favreau! Thanks Mr. Fareau, the king will be happy!
Kid Robot: Poppa!

Panel 16
King: Thank you!
Worker 2: Your welcome!

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